Intelligent Enterprise Mentoring

Builda makes connections that matter for your people and your business.

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Engage Your People

Mentoring matches consider career impact based on skills, experience and workplace connections.

Grow Your Business

Uncover your company's informal network to inform human capital management and stimulate growth.

Platform Features

  • Mentor Offices

    Efficiently manage mentees all in one place, accommodating mentors with busy schedules and several commitments

  • Mentor Cohorts

    Connect with other mentees under the same mentor, providing the option to collaborate and learn together as a unified cohort

  • Organizational Network Analysis

    Inspect the company’s true social network and overall company alignment to understand points of network inefficiency and fragmentation

  • Analytics Dashboard

    Easily access employee and company network data and metrics derived by Builda to gain insights currently unrealized

  • Search for Mentors/Mentees

    Utilize an intelligent matching algorithm that ranks mentors/mentees by potential impact; filter by specific match score, title, skills, region and more

  • Smart Suggestions

    Take advantage of suggestions that account for career goals and employee relationships to accelerate growth and milestone achievement

  • Individual Employee Data

    View the current state of an employee’s skills, categorization, connection strength and career aspirations with ongoing use of the platform

  • Workforce Trends

    Trend data and learn what matters to employees, what skills are being acquired and how employees’ individual networks are evolving